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Nicolet High School Library: Nicolet Writing Center

Welcome to the Nicolet Library!


The Nicolet Writing Center is a student-run mentoring program that offers support to peers for all their writing needs! Mentors are available in the library during Resource, lunches, and after school (just check our calendar) for your essay questions, research paper quandries, or writing woes.  Just stop in to the library -- we're in the back study carrels, and we're ready to help!

Mentor Musings

The Power of Evidence!

One of the clients I helped was a freshman who needed help on her hero essay for Ms. Mueller. My client’s main concerns regarding the essay were “choosing/interpreting evidence” and “integrating quotes.” As I was skimming through my client’s paper, I immediately noticed that the quotes were far too long and I’m talking 5-6 lines. When I began to read through the gigantic quotes, I vividly remembered myself as a freshman last year when I wrote this exact same paper. I was able to help my client on quote selection by simply telling her to only include evidence which would strengthen the claim most. When helping shorten quotes, I was helped as well because I feel that using most effective yet concise evidence is still something I can improve upon. Along with shortening quotes, my client also needed help integrating her evidence.


While reading the paper, I noticed my client would jump from quote to quote without analyzing the quote’s significance or introducing quotes. I was able to help the client on this aspect of her writing by talking with her about Ms. Mueller’s ‘Quote Sandwich’!! In my client’s paper, she simply would plop a quote in the middle of the sentence with no apparent introduction. I told my client how a quote must ALWAYS be introduced first before stating the quotation. I also suggested for my client to analyze the quote and connect the quote to the claim in sentences following the statement of the quotation. By helping my client with her integration of evidence, I was able to reflect upon my writing as a freshman last year and how it has (or has not, in some regards) improved over the course of freshman year to the middle of sophomore year in high school.


So if you need help with quotes, see the "Quotation Sandwich" link in the Resources Box!

--Smita N.

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