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Library Staff

Debra Krause, Library Media Specialist / Instructional Coach


Penny Becker, Library Media Center Paraprofessional


Chip Johnston, Learning Center Coordinator


Kristin Susedik, Math Interventionist


Future Ready Library Standards

Future Ready Libraries

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Nicolet Reading Challenge

The Nicolet Reading Challenge 2019-20

We encourage students and staff to take the reading challenge! Read above your reading level, pick a new genre, learn about someone from a different background, or find a new author. If you need ideas, visit your local library or bookstore, ask a friend or family member, or review blogs about reading, such as GoodReads and What Should I Read Next.

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Library Rules and Procedures

The Library is a shared, academic space.  Low-volume collaboration is allowed.

Passes are required.  To Enter the library after the bell, you must have a pass from a teacher. Only one student per pass.

While there is no food allowed in the library, beverages with a lid or resealable cap are permitted. Enjoy your food and snacks in the cafeteria.

Turn off your cell phone and store it in your bag or locker. Texting, phone calls, video, and music streaming are not permitted.

Library hours are from 6:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.