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Chromebook Help Desk: Device Settings

Troubleshooting tips and online support.

Chromebook Device Settings


Step 1

Once logged into your Chromebook, click on the row of icons located in the bottom right corner.

*having chrome browser up isn't mandatory for accessing these settings.


Step 2

Once this pop up menu appears, click on the gear icon. This will bring up a new window containing the device settings.


Chromebook Browser Settings


Step 1 (If you are using a device other than your school issued Chromebook.)

Once logged in, open the chrome web browser. Once it has loaded, there should be three dots in the upper right corner. Click on the icon to see the drop down options.



Step 2

The second to last option on the menu should be "Settings". Once selected, a new tab will pop up with the Browser Settings.



Step 3

This is what the Chrome Browser Settings will look like. Please note that since the device is managed by Nicolet High School some of the browser settings may not be editable.