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Chromebook Help Desk: Won't Turn On

Troubleshooting tips and online support.

Dead Battery?

  1. Always make sure to plug in your Chromebook first to check that it isn’t dead, and let it charge for at least 10 minutes before attempting to turn it on.

  2. There is an indicator light on the side by the charging port; it should be either green (fully charged), orange (partially charged), or red (no charge) when plugged in.

  3. If the indicator light doesn't turn on or blink, this could be a battery issue. Go to the Library before school, after school, or during enrichment period with a pass for assistance. If you are at home, call the Library during the school day at (414) 351-8230

Charged Chromebook Won't Start

If your Chromebook is charged, but it will not start up (screen is black), follow these steps:

  • Gently press and hold the Refresh button at the top of the keyboard, then GENTLY press and hold the power button at the same. As soon as the screen blinks, let go of both buttons. The screen will light up in a few seconds.


  • Watch this video to see how it's done